The first thing to understand about your brand: it is not just a logo. In fact, that might be the last thing on the branding list you should worry about. Unfortunately, it’s often the first thing companies jump to create. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to feel official. My advice: Step away from the logo.

Before you set out to define your organization’s visual brand identity (fancy talk for logo, typography, color palette), it’s critical to define who you are as business. As I described to one 46Mile client, “Think of brand as your business’s soul.” When I was at GE, brand was defined as the premium a customer would pay simply because the GE logo was on the product.

Another way to think of brand is to consider what your customer thinks about when she thinks about your business. Define what your business stands for and then commit to it. Let everything else follow. Get your team together to develop brand attributes that define your brand. And then make sure everyone in your organization actively incorporates them in their daily work. Our attributes at 46Mile are Fresh, Accountable, Smart, and Tenacious. We even use these words during our hiring process to make sure candidates are a fit with our culture.

So quick, what words describe your organization? If you can’t answer, then you have some work to do!

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