46Mile was created to fill a growing need in the market for the complex marketing needs facing businesses today.

The marketing mix for businesses has evolved into mandated multi-channel efforts including digital channels, print, radio and in some cases TV. As this complex landscape evolved, many technology and service companies sprang up providing point solutions for smaller businesses. On the other side of the spectrum, large agencies and enterprise level technologies have long been servicing national brands to tackle the complex marketing landscape. These agencies and internal departments can afford the data and research subscriptions as well as the premium technology solutions to efficiently manage cross channel marketing.

There is a real gap between the point solution providers and the large enterprise level solutions. Some of the point solution providers have combined offerings claiming integrated solutions. However, they are often just grouping point solutions to relieve billing headaches, not providing cohesive strategies to drive marketing results.

46Mile leverages the Hearst resources from research and analytics to optimization and segmentation technology providing the enterprise level experience to the medium sized business with complex needs such as marketing multiple locations. We offer world class research and analysis for branding and media planning. We offer direct access to 1st party data as well as all the 3rd party data providers through our Data Management Platform. We offer the latest in targeting and optimization through programmatic buying with our own seat at the exchange and full enterprise license with the leading Paid Search and Social Media technology platform. Finally we offer content creation from leading editors, photographers and videographers.

46Mile is the solution for those businesses that have outgrown the point solution providers but are NOT at the size to afford a large full service agency. We’re leveling the playing field.