46Mile SF Marketing and Advertising Agency

Are you debating on hiring an adverting agency? There are multiple benefits to hire an agency to alleviate your marketing burdens. Here are 5 reasons why you should kick your project over to an advertising agency.

1. Save Money

It may sound counter-intuitive but going with an agency could save your business money overtime. That’s right – taxes, salaries, and benefits come at a high cost to your company, but by hiring an agency you are saved from paying:

• Payroll taxes

• Healthcare costs

• For expensive software tools

On top of not paying for payroll, benefits, healthcare, and technological tools your company will not have to pay for talent either. Again, a big money saver is not paying salaries to individual employees. For example, here are the average salaries for the following marketing positions:

• Marketing Manager, $120,000

• Social Media Manager, $50,000

• SEO Manager, $60,000

With an advertising agency, depending on the services you need, the cost-per-month could be around $4,000 to $10,000. Overall, having an agency could save you from staffing more people and paying for the associated costs of having employees. Hiring an agency really is not a luxury, it is smart and cuts down your costs.

2. While You’re at it, Save Yourself Some Time

Make your life a little easier and save yourself some time by hiring an agency. By having an agency this means that you and your team don’t have to spend time creating and running advertising campaigns. This can be really helpful, especially if you don’t have anyone hired specifically for advertising and marketing responsibilities.

Hiring an agency is especially crucial if you do not have the right team in place for running a marketing campaign, because you can end up spending a lot of time creating a campaign that ultimately fails due to lack of knowledge and expertise. Instead you can make you and your team’s lives easier by kicking off your project to people who are experts in the field.

3. No Training Required Here

With an agency you don’t have to waste time finding, hiring, and training a new employee. If you’re hiring one person to do your advertising and they are not necessary to your business objectives this might not be the best business decision. On top of hiring someone, training people well is no simple task. Often, getting someone up to speed takes months. On the other hand, hiring an agency is a completely different exercise. When you work with an agency there is no time spent training, managing, or on-boarding them!

Basically, bringing in an agency will make your life a whole lot easier. Working with an agency is all about having clear expectations and setting the right goals so you get the results your business needs. Really having an agency should enable you to do what you do best: run your business.

4. Get Access to the Experts

Agencies don’t need any training, they know what they are doing. When you hire an agency you are getting access to talent who have in depth knowledge in their area of expertise.

Agencies are also able to hire more people of diverse talents than other businesses are. Agencies have the ability to get access to researchers, videographers, designers, media buyers, SEO experts, social media managers etc. which means that when you hire an agency you have a ton of experts available to you.

In addition, agencies can provide that in-depth knowledge that your advertising and marketing efforts need in order to generate results.

5. See Results 

Agencies are running campaigns day in and day out for multiple clients, and as you know practice makes perfect. They know what will work and what they need to do to get you results. With so much noise out there it’s important that the money you put into advertising makes an impact for your company. Agencies are used to battling the fact that the average amount of ads a person is exposed to a day is 5,000 or more. Out of the 5,000 ads peope are exposed to on average only 12 generate engagement aka the odds aren’t great for people to remember your business. However, agencies know more tactics to use in order to generate a successful ad campaign.

In the end what matters the most is that you see a positive impact on your business. How you go about that goal is all up to you. However, it is our belief that an agency will get you the results you need faster to expedite the growth of your business. If you’re looking to see results, save yourself time, money, and work with experts in the field you should hire an agency to execute your marketing needs. If you’re interested in learning if 46Mile could help your business click here.