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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency

Are you debating on hiring an adverting agency? There are multiple benefits to hire an agency to alleviate your marketing burdens. Here are 5 reasons why you should kick your project over to an advertising agency. 1. Save Money It may sound counter-intuitive but going with an agency could save your business money overtime. That’s right – taxes, salaries, and benefits come at a high cost to your company, but by hiring an agency you are saved from paying: • Payroll taxes • Healthcare costs • For expensive software tools On top of not paying for payroll, benefits, healthcare, and technological tools your […]

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What is Media Planning and Buying?

Everyone needs a little boost of marketing every once in a while. You probably already know about Google, Bing, and the social media digital channels, but do you know  the full breadth of media that is out there to buy? What is media planning? Media planning is the process of outlining the media channels necessary for an effective advertising campaign. To start, it’s important to know your target audience, like to really know your target audience. Find Your Target Audience The more you know about your audience the better you’ll be able to predict the type of media channels you should place your […]

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6 PR Tips For Crisis Management

Our 46Mile President, Chris Raniere, and Fineman PR’s Executive Vice President, Travis Taylor, co-authored this articlethat was featured in O’Dwyer’s PR Magazine’s 2018 Crisis Issue. The article, “The Death Of The Siloed Crisis Response” covers 6 helpful tips for handling your comapany’s PR when things don’t go according to plan. Here’s a taste of the article: Not everyone is cut out to handle a crisis. The deluge of cynical media coverage, a rise of brand detractors and a surge of social media haters can overwhelm even seasoned PR pros. Fortunately for your brand, that’s not you. Unfortunately, not everyone is like you, and that’s a […]

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