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How to Get the Most Out of a Small Social Media Marketing Budget

social media marketing budgetIn 2022, spending on social media ads increased by over 20%. Many a company’s social media marketing budget continues to grow, but not all businesses can afford this. So, how do scrappy underdogs and startups succeed at creating a successful marketing campaign with fewer dollars?

Below we have several pieces of advice for you to think about. By reading through these, you can start to form a checklist of things you need to do to help you succeed.

Define and Focus on Your Target Market

The last thing you want to do is waste money. Many companies use a “shotgun” method of marketing, where they will throw what they are trying to sell at everyone and hope some sticks. With a smaller budget, you cannot afford to do that, and you need to be laser-focused instead.

Think about the demographics of your target audience. Do not only aim for them in the content you create but also ensure your social media adverts target these people. Different platforms allow you to do this in different ways.

Also, do not waste time on social media platforms that will not help you. If you are aiming for a much younger audience, you will waste your time advertising on Facebook. Also, the older generations are not as involved in areas of the Internet such as TikTok, with almost half of the users aged under thirty.

Focus on High-Quality Pieces of Content

Instead of throwing out several posts which take your time to plan and execute, try to slow down. Focus on a few higher-quality pieces of content that follow marketing trends instead and try to make a bigger splash.

This kind of focus is often cost-effective as the impact you make will be that much larger. Also, the increase in budget per video will not be as high as the dramatic bang for the buck it creates.

Creating high-quality content also helps you communicate your status as an industry leader. People will see the work you make and think of you as someone they can trust. This can then bring more people into your fold and earn you repeated custom or evangelical followers.

Both of these together can give high-quality content a real long-term impact. People will see them much more over time, linking back to them as a piece of memorable communication.

As you continue to work, you can focus on your aim even more. You will find more details of who your customers are as you continue to engage with them. This then allows you to pivot towards those who are likely to be the most invested.

Specific subcultures or interests may have a real need for what you sell, so think about wider concepts than only age or gender. You might need to think about the language you use or the references you make too.

Use Organic Reach to Boost Numbers

You will want to ensure your organic reach helps more people see you as you continue to grow. Once you have enough followers, this reach becomes a real asset as it is, in essence, “free” advertising.

To ensure you get the largest number of eyes on your work through organic reach, we have several social media tips for you, including:

Engage With the Community

You should not only create the content and dump it on social media. You also want to get repeat visitors who engage with your brand. One of the best ways to do that is to engage with them too.

Respond to comments on your social media pages, and if people send private messages make sure to reply. This will make people feel appreciated, and like they are part of the larger community. Over time, this group might become self-perpetuating and will do a lot of promotion for you.

Create Relevant and Relatable Content

When you think about what you want to post, consider things people will want to share with others. Usually, this is relatable content people feel a personal connection to. They want to know the poster understands them, and they will share this as you are communicating something that they wish to share too.

These people often share with others who might feel similar, creating a cycle of continued engagement.

Learn How the Algorithms Work

Each different social media platform has its quirks. Some of these relate to blocked content, others will promote things more if they have (for example) hashtags.

Also, learn where different kinds of posts work. You can make a real impact in some places. For example, the organic reach on Instagram is often around 20%.

Pick up on these ever-fluctuating algorithms and you will notice the patterns they create. Create content that matches these algorithms to give you a much easier time appearing on everyone’s device.

Work With Influencers

Instead of putting together all the content yourself, you could always talk to an influencer who you know has the ear of your audience. With the same budget, you could switch from taking the time to create videos or photos to paying these people to do it for you instead.

On top of the promotion you receive, you will also have the endorsement of the influencer in question. They will be able to talk of your product or service in a positive light and bring their fans’ clicks with them.

Track Your Results and Pivot

While you do all the above, make sure to track everything. Every link should give you statistics on how well it does, and you should also track how many of them end up as invested customers.

Over time, you will see which social media posts and platforms give you the best RoI. This will allow you to pivot towards them, saving you time and money on using the others.

Handling Your Social Media Marketing Budget

The above should help you to create useful content while not blowing your social media marketing budget. Still, not everyone has time for this kind of thing. If you find yourself wishing someone else would promote you for you, we can help you out.

We can work within your budget to give you an impactful presence on social media. All you need to do is get in contact and we can discuss your needs moving forward.

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