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Top Marketing Trends of 2023

In an increasingly mobile and tech-savvy world, digital marketing is more important than ever before. This is especially true since 76% of consumers look at a business’s online presence before visiting them. Moreover, 75% also admit to judging an organization’s credibility by its website.

Understanding 2022’s top marketing trends can help you succeed in the coming years. Read on for a marketing guide on some trends that you need to take advantage of as you carry your business into 2023.

Data-Driven Marketing

Online tools like Google Analytics have made it possible for businesses to track online trends. These trends are multifaceted. You can see information such as:

  • The demographic that you most frequently work with
  • Who you should be tailoring your advertisement efforts to
  • Which ad campaigns are successful vs which don’t generate conversions
  • What areas of your website have high bounce rates
  • Which pages lead people to buy products or contact you
  • What videos and articles people click on and linger on
  • What products are best-sellers and which offerings are unpopular

Unfortunately, free tools like Google Analytics will not generate the same powerful results as paid professional tools.

It’s important that you get the best possible metrics and research. This ensures that you get updated information about your current target audience. It also lets you garner more specific information about your website so you know what you’re doing well and how you can improve on the design.

Professional tools like PRIZM Premier, Scarborough, and Comscore measure consumer behaviors, consumption habits, demographics, and user lifestyles. They also can look into consumer behavior regarding advertising and engagement.

With all the possible information, you can set up a more engaging and comprehensive marketing campaign. This means more conversions from data-backed strategies.

Quality Content That Generates Engagement

Throughout 2022, “content is king” has been a digital marketing mantra. This is still true and will continue to be so in the coming years.

If you don’t have engaging articles on your website, you’re not going to engage users. The same applies to infographics, images, and video content. You want to create something that provides real value to consumers.

This real value establishes you as a credible authority. It positions you as an industry leader. People are more likely to take you seriously when you give them factual information, statistical information, and measurable data.

However, you also want your content to be highly readable and understandable. People will then linger on your page and see what you’re all about. They’ll find you approachable and be more likely to fill out contact forms and ultimately make purchases.

Optimization for Voice Search

58.6% of Americans have used voice search before on their Smartphones. 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers do so daily. Additionally, 90% of users find voice search to be easier than other methods of online searches… and 89% also think that it’s more convenient.

When you’re optimizing your website for SEO, make sure that you’re including keywords that those using voice search will likely use.

This means that long-tail keywords are in vogue in 2022 and beyond. Instead of a keyword like “Chinese restaurant Sacramento,” you might optimize for “where can I eat Chinese food near me?”

Mobile Readiness

One reason that voice search is increasing in popularity is that Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. Mobile device searches make up 63% of organic traffic. 58.16% of web traffic begins on Smartphones.

More people are using mobile search than not, which is why it’s important that digital marketers optimize their content for Smartphones and tablets.

Some ideas for mobile readiness include:

  • Mobile-responsive themes
  • Large bold fonts
  • Light images and CSS
  • Bigger buttons positioned throughout the page
  • An easy-scroll, single-page navigation system
  • Well-spaced-out links
  • Site speed optimization

Creative web design experts can help optimize your website for mobile devices. We will do research, create a collaborative brief with you, and design the website based on data and concepts.

There is a wide range of possibilities, so it’s important to identify the best way to showcase your specific products and solutions.

Video Content

A mobile-first approach is important, and video content goes hand in hand with that. It’s critical that marketers leverage multimedia content in 2022 and beyond, especially video. Recent statistics from multiple sources over the past 2-3 years show that:

  • 93% of businesses have won new customers by using videos on social media
  • Websites with video are 53 times more likely to make it onto page 1 of SERPs
  • 84% of consumers cite video as the factor that convinced them to make a purchase
  • 85% of internet users want to see more videos from their favorite brands in the future
  • 92% of mobile users will share some videos after watching them
  • People watch an average of 18 hours of online video weekly

Make sure that you make the most of video content by using multiple types on your website.

Explainer testimonials are a good choice. Have a satisfied customer or an actor playing one talk about how your services have resolved their (common) pain points. People will connect with the person in the video and be more likely to work with your brand.

Animated videos are a great way to convey data, insights, and more. They’re a newer, sleeker, and more engaging type of infographic.

Product videos are also great if you want to demonstrate how something works. This will make consumers more confident in their purchasing decisions.

Interactive Events

2022 marketing trends were heavily influenced by post-pandemic values. This means that people continued to enjoy the benefits of remote engagement. Interactive online events via Zoom or Google Meet are great ways to generate buzz about your products.

Call in a speaker to give information to your target audience. Have this speaker talk about how your solutions can solve common issues that your market faces.

Generate interest and engagement with games, trivia, and a Q&A period.

Leveraging Multiple Channels

According to the Pew Research Center, about 7/10 Americans are plugged into social media as of 2021. This is the last available reporting year.

Many users have pages on multiple platforms. Some common platforms include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.

As someone looking for marketing tips, it’s important that you leverage multiple social media channels for a cohesive ad campaign. You don’t only want to stick with articles on an official website. Instead, post frequently on Twitter and make Instagram Reels.

This will let you reach a wider audience more frequently. After all, 31% of Americans are almost constantly online.

Customization and Personalized Content

Amplifying your message to maximize your reach is important in any digital marketing strategy. However, it’s not enough to stand out in the minds of 2022 consumers. As you move into 2023, make sure that you’re offering personalized content that engages each user as an individual.

Make the most of your data and analysis to implement these customizable strategies. Identify consumer pain points and insert them into your advertisements.

Show different ads to those in different demographics. You can automate certain ads to go to people in one segment of your target audience while others will go to those with different interests. Determine who should see which ad with the data you and 46 Mile track together.

Personalization can come in many forms. You might insert names into email or DM templates. You might put someone’s location in an SEM ad that they’ll see.

All of these are ways to grab people’s interest and make them feel valued.

If you want a good example of personalized marketing, look no further than Spotify Wrapped. It takes all of the person’s individual data and generates something uniquely for them. This generates a lot of social media engagement and discussion, furthering Spotify’s reach.

Plus, it’s fun! Custom content is a great look for any brand.

Value-Based Marketing Strategies

People increasingly want to work with brands that share their values. Showing that you care about the same things as consumers can have real financial value for your business. For example, 2 in 3 Americans would pay more for sustainable products than they would for those that aren’t eco-friendly.

You can run marketing strategies that show you align with people’s values. Showcase a green alternative to a popular product and talk about the real environmental benefits it provides. This is a great way to get people interested… and keep them thinking positively of your brand.

Value-based loyalty programs are also excellent marketing strategies. Let people know that you will donate a percentage of your purchase to a charity that your target audience values. Donate $10 for every $100 spent at your business.

Get in on the Top Current Marketing Trends

2022 was a year that brought a lot of growth to the digital marketing industry, and 2023 looks like it will continue this upward trend. That’s why it’s important for businesses to take advantage of current marketing trends and get ahead of the competition.

At 46 Mile, we’re committed to using data and metrics to provide individualized marketing solutions. Our expert tools and technologies can help you reach your target audience and draw them toward your goods and services.

We’re excited to hear from you, so get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

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