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Content Marketing and Social Media

Content creation and management are key pieces of any social media strategy. We create content that speaks to your target audience and deliver it on the right platform at the right time—all while staying true to your brand’s voice.


Social Media Advertising

We believe in creating tailored, targeted campaigns for each platform to reach your desired audiences when they need it most. Our team specializes in developing high-performing paid social campaigns that drive real results for our clients.

Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships

Our focus is on finding the right influencers who can authentically represent your product or service and establish a presence with their followers. From there, we develop customized plans that will fit your budget and goals.

Data and Analytics

We collect data from various sources, including organic reach, paid impressions, website visits, email sign-ups, and more. We use this data to measure the success of each campaign and determine where improvements need to be made.

Analytics is also used to identify trends in user behavior and develop strategies that will have the highest impact on our client’s goals.

Social Media Consulting

Our team of experienced consultants provides guidance for businesses on how best to use social media platforms for marketing purposes. We offer advice to effectively reach your goals cost-effectively.

Reporting and Optimization

We utilize advanced tools and technology to monitor performance metrics such as engagement, brand awareness, ROI, website traffic, and more. Our team of experts uses this data to optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency and results.



Social Media Managment

Social Media Editorial Calendar

Influencer Marketing

Strategy, Audit & Profile Clean-Up




46Mile starts by using audience and competitive research, leveraging our parent Hearst Communication, to help outline type of content that is relevant and targeted to your audience. The research findings will uncover key topics and messages which can be used to drive the overall social media strategy as well as to design a content calendar. In this phase, we pull research from

  • In this phase, we pull research from a broad range of resources, including client database information, social monitoring tools, and industry-specific tools.


Once we have an understanding of your audience and competitors, we turn our attention to your social profiles. We review everything that has been done to date on your profiles and make recommendations on how to improve and clean up your current profiles. We’ll also look to see if your profiles are set up to help you achieve your ultimate social goals. We then take our research and apply it to your profile for absolute optimization so everyone who lands on your profile knows that they’ve come to the right place. Audits may include:

  • Report of findings
  • Profile optimization

Strategy Development & Execution

The strategy also includes goals, objectives, how to reach and talk to your audience, how to use hashtags to gain new followers, best practices for posting cadence, and how to manage difficult engagements by followers. It’s a full toolkit and guide to building brand awareness on the social media platforms. The organic social media strategy will often amplify awareness, encourage engagement, and communication between the brand and the audience. Oh, and because nothing should be done in a silo, we make sure that both organic and paid social campaigns flow together. Strategy includes:

  • Campaign plans
  • Toolkit guide
  • Best practices
  • New feature planning and execution on each platform

Social Media Management

Our aim is to manage your social profiles as if we’re managing our own personal channels. We’re focused on making sure the content is crisp, clean, clear, and going out on time, and following strategy. We have tools in place to help foster a custom management plan – we’re your partner in making sure that your social profiles sparkle. Social Media Management benefits include:

  • Scheduling content
  • Comment monitoring
  • Post creation


So, how does social media help you achieve your overall business goals? Glad you asked! That’s why we keep you updated with reporting. We optimize, make edits, and improve on social media campaigns so we can be sure that we’re achieving our promise to you.

Part of our optimization strategy includes staying up-to-date on new social media platforms, techniques, and trends. We want your campaigns to shine bright!



We want to partner with you, learn about your needs, and create a memorable social media presence that resonates with your audience! Let’s get started together today. Contact us now to find out how we can help!

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