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Backed by the Hearst Communications, we can bring you media reach and technology that was previously reserved for only the big players.

We are passionate about finding the right media channel mix that can effectively showcase your message to your existing customers and draw new ones to your business.

Our media plans layout when, where, and how often a message should be placed for the highest engagement and efficient cost. To start, we identify all the key data points and performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure your definition of success.

Throughout the entire research and strategy phase, and into media strategy and execution, we will partner closely with you to deliver remarkable, compelling, and above-all effective marketing. Market research, brand strategy, and go-to-market plans are supposed to move the needle – we ensure the needle is measuring real market performance gains.


Media Planning & Buying
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The Process


Marketing Input & Brand Research


Planning Considerations




Monitor & Optimize


Reporting & Analysis

Marketing Input & Brand Research

By using our advertiser's customer data, we can build audience segments and dive into who, what, and where our advertiser's primary customers are. When informed with demographic and psychographic data, there is little room for waste as our media planning approach will ensure we line up the right media vehicles and messaging.

Here we dig deep into the research by using:

  • Nielsen
  • Scarborough
  • Competitive review
  • Business Intelligence & Market research
  • Primary studies

Planning Considerations

The planning consideration phase is “getting your ducks in a row.” This phase we will:

  • Marketing and media objectives review
  • Target audience research
  • Product phase
  • Budget planning
  • Creative and messaging


It’s time to buy, and because of our partnership with Hearst Communications, we hold multiple seats in programmatic while most agencies hold one - a real advantage in the media buying space!

Monitor & Optimize

Media is never “set it and forget it,” and we don’t approach it that way. After the campaign has launched, we will continue to monitor and optimize towards the set goals throughout the lifecycle of the campaign.

Reporting & Analysis

Well, what did you expect, we are a data-driven company. As part of the deal, we hold monthly reporting meeting with you and our team of experts who will thoroughly explain the numbers and health of your campaign. We will keep things transparent and productive. We are all after the same goal - your success!

Case Study

Badeloft Luxury Bathrooms

Badeloft's main objective was to increase their pospecting list (leads) from the paid social media platform while maintaining a low cost-per-lead.


Increase in leads acquired


Increase in revenue

Carlsen Subaru

Carlsen Subaru's marketing goal was to generate more qualified leads. In order to achieve this goal, we partnered together on a paid search campaign designed to reach and influence people who were actively searching for the brand and new cars.


Increase in leads acquired


Increase in total Leads

Meritage Medical Network

Meritage Medical Network’s primary goal was to achieve a year-over-year increase in their network enrollment. The secondary goal was to increase awareness of Meritage Medical Network healthcare advantages.


Increase in enrollments


Increase in social media engagements

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