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SEO and social media work closely together. Both are about great content, so they have to sync nicely together.

But we know that there are some different technicalities between the two concepts that have to be in play in order for a successful marketing strategy.

At 46Mile, our SEO, or Search Engine Optimization approach is based on the five pillars: discovery, strategy, execution, monitoring, and maintenance. We have developed this strategy as a way to help your potential customers find your website rather than your competitors. Your content needs to impress the search engines and that takes planning, investment, and work.


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The Process











Phase 1: Discovery/Research

First, we need to take a look at how your SEO is currently performing. We evaluate overall organic performance by auditing the relevancy, usability, and discoverability of a website. During this process, we uncover areas of opportunity as they pertain to content gaps, technical issues, and the overall structure of the site to create recommendations that appeal both to users and search engines.

Some of the items leveraged in this phase are listed below:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Keyword Research

Phase 2: Strategy

The strategy works to align with the opportunities we’ve discovered with the goals of the brand by defining clear KPIs, tagging site actions and attributing value to these metrics. We develop actionable recommendations designed to construct site architecture, define user journeys, and formulate an end-to-end content experience.

Some of the items leveraged in this phase are listed below:

  • On-page SEO Optimization
  • Mobile SEO Optimization
  • Content Strategy

Phase 3: Execution

Once we have a strategy our team gets to work. We join forces with our developers, designers, and content creators alike to deliver the best possible experience. We guide the team on how to improve existing content to drive greater visibility, create new assets that capture new relevant searches, and address technical issues that block search engines from finding content.

Some of the items leveraged in this phase are listed below:

  • Link Building Strategy

Phase 4: Monitor

None of our previous work matters if we're not tracking your SEO performance. So, we track changes in segmented keyword rankings that indicate where we are finding success as a result of our efforts. We also measure the engagement metrics we previously defined.

Some of the items leveraged in this phase are listed below:

  • Monthly Reporting & Keyword Ranking

Phase 5: Maintenance

SEO can't be just done once and then never worked on again, it requires maintenance. We gather insights from KPIs and target metrics to test the strategy we have constructed. We can then utilize insights to build recommendations that capitalize on new opportunities. Finally, we manage the creation and launch of new site assets to assess where these fit into the current SEO strategy.

Some of the items leveraged in this phase are listed below:

  • Backlink Profile Management
  • Website Monitoring

Case Study

Meritage Medical Network

Meritage Medical Network wanted to position themselves as a resource center for health and wellness. As a result, their goal was to start consistently blogging to help provide information, increase their organic search and rank for specific search terms.


Increase in Organic traffic

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