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Seo for personal injury firms – claim the top spots

SEO for personal injuryIf you’re a personal injury lawyer with your own law firm, you know just how competitive the personal injury industry can be. There are, after all, well over 50,000 personal injury law firms operating throughout the country right now.

Because of this, you’ll need to do more than just prove that you’re an excellent personal injury lawyer to bring in new clients. You’ll also need to use search engine optimization, or SEO, to your advantage.

By utilizing SEO for personal injury law firms, you’ll be able to ensure your firm lands at the top of search engine results pages. This will inevitably lead to more people contacting you for your services. And it’ll all be thanks to your commitment to personal injury SEO.

If you’re not familiar with SEO marketing, it would be worth learning more about it today. It’ll allow you to use SEO for lawyers to take your personal injury law firm to the next level.

Here is everything you need to know about using personal injury law firm SEO to claim the top spot in Google searches.

Start by Setting Up a Website for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

First things first: Does your personal injury law firm have a website set up? If not, establishing a website for your law firm will need to be your very first order of business.

Fortunately, more than 90% of law firms have websites that they use to market their services to the masses. But there are still some law firms that are doing business without websites. If your law firm falls into this category, you’ll want to work on changing that immediately.

It’ll be impossible to use SEO for personal injury law firms to your advantage if you don’t have a website. You should look for a website development company that can help you get a site for your law firm off the ground.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Up Quickly

Whether you have a website for your law firm already set up or you’re going to be building a brand-new site for it from scratch, you’ll need to focus on making sure it loads up fast. If it takes more than 10 seconds for your website to load, this isn’t going to bode well for your personal injury SEO strategy.

When Google senses that websites don’t load up quickly, it’ll typically dock them points in the SEO department. It could very well lead to them getting buried beneath other personal injury law firm websites that load up in a matter of just 1 or 2 seconds.

A website development company should be able to help you speed up your website. It can make a big difference when you’re trying to improve the SEO for your personal injury law firm’s site.

Add Plenty of Original Content to Your Website

There are some personal injury law firms that will visit other law firms’ websites, copy all their content, and paste it directly onto their own sites. This is not the approach you should take to populate your law firm’s website with content.

Instead, you’re going to want to make it your mission to add as much original content to your website as you can. You should obviously fill your homepage with content about your personal injury law firm so that people can learn more about it when they visit your site. But you should also create other pages on your site that have original content on them, too.

Some pages that you should consider adding to your website will include:

  • An “About Us” page
  • A “Services” page
  • A “Locations” page
  • A “Contact” page

Each of these pages on your website should be filled with original content that will be useful to those who visit them. You’re welcome to handle writing this content yourself if you’re up for the challenge. But you can also bring a company that specializes in creating content on board to assist you.

Incorporate the Right Keywords Into Your Website’s Content

As long as you come up with original content for your personal injury law firm’s website that is going to be both useful and interesting to those who visit your site, it should work wonders for your SEO. But it would also be worth incorporating all the right keywords into your website’s content.

So, what are the right keywords for your site? Well, it can be a little tricky to figure this out if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re going to let another company handle writing content for your site, you should also ask them to do the necessary research and come up with the right keywords to use. They’ll be able to sprinkle these keywords into the mix while creating content for your site.

When people Google these keywords in an attempt to find out more information about personal injury lawyers, there will be an increased chance of Google recommending your site to them when it sees you’ve used them. It’s why it’s so important for you to use the right keywords in all your content from the second you get your website set up.

Fill Your Website With Internal and External Links

In addition to adding the right keywords to the content you create or have created for your website, you’ll also want to add both internal and external links to it. Internal links will be links that direct people to other parts of your site. External links will be links that direct people to other sites entirely.

Adding internal links to your content should be fairly simple. You can link to things like your “Services” page when you’re talking about your law firm’s services on another part of your site.

Adding external links, on the other hand, can be a tad trickier. You’ll need to make sure you’re only linking to highly reputable sites when you add external links to your content. You’ll also need to make sure you’re linking to recent articles as opposed to ones that were put up a decade ago since they could make your content look outdated.

Continue to Create Fresh Content for Your Website

When you’re first using SEO for your personal injury law firm’s website, simply adding content to the various pages that you have on your site should do the trick. It’ll make your site look more current and show Google that it should start suggesting your site to those searching for personal injury lawyers.

But as time goes on, the content you originally put up on your site will start to become stale. You’ll need to make every effort to update your site as often as you can so that you always have fresh content on it.

An easy way to do this is by setting up a blog on your website. This blog will make it possible for you to create fresh content every day if you want to. But at the very least, you should try putting up one or two new blog articles each week to keep your site looking and feeling as fresh as it can.

This blog will also provide you with an opportunity to incorporate even more SEO-friendly keywords into your content. Before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of worthwhile keywords on your site that’ll begin generating more organic traffic to your site than ever before.

Look For Creative Ways to Market Your Website’s Content

Outside of posting fresh content on your personal injury law firm’s website, you should also try to come up with some creative ways to market this content to as many people as you can. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways in which you can market content from your website these days.

Here are several of the best options you’ll have when it comes to marketing your website’s content:

  • Starting a newsletter for your clients and including links to your content in it
  • Setting up social media accounts for your law firm and posting links to your content with them
  • Asking other websites if you can “guest blog” for them and working links to your content into the work you do for them

The more you’re able to market the content from your law firm’s website, the more people will read it. You’ll also find that marketing your content will improve your SEO for personal injury law firms even more.

Refresh Your Entire Website From Time to Time

To be clear, you don’t want to get into the habit of refreshing your personal injury law firm’s website every 6 months. This is going to require a lot of hard work on your part, and it won’t be worth the rewards that you get in the end.

But you should consider refreshing your whole website every few years to make sure it continues to look current at all times. Far too often, personal injury law firms will create a website and then leave it as-is for years on end. It can make these law firms look like they’re a little behind the times, even if that isn’t necessarily the case.

By refreshing your law firm’s website, you can ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward. It’ll leave a much stronger impression on people, and it can also help to give your site’s SEO a boost at the same time.

Stay Up to Date on the Latest SEO Trends

Here’s the thing about SEO for personal injury law firms: It’s always changing! The SEO world moves very quickly, and if you’re not careful, it might only be a matter of time before you’re stuck using old SEO strategies that aren’t paying off anymore.

As soon as you make the commitment to beef up your SEO for your personal injury law firm, you should also commit to reading up on the latest SEO trends every so often. It might spark some ideas on how you can continue to capitalize on using personal injury law firm SEO strategies.

Rely On a Marketing and Advertising Agency to Help With SEO

Working as a personal injury lawyer can be stressful in and of itself. You’re going to be so busy at most times that you won’t be able to devote enough time to improving the SEO for your personal injury law firm’s website.

You could bring in a marketing specialist to work for your law firm and handle all your SEO needs. But doing this can be expensive. It can also be time-consuming because you’ll need to continue to play a small part in your SEO strategy by communicating with this marketing specialist on a daily basis.

So instead of taking this approach, why not hire a marketing and advertising agency to help you out with your SEO strategy? They can find a winning SEO strategy for your law firm in the first place and use it to get the best results.

Hiring an agency like this will be the best SEO solution for most personal injury lawyers. They can focus on working with their clients rather than always having to have one eye on SEO.

Use SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms to Your Benefit

If you decide not to use SEO for personal injury law firms to your advantage, it’s going to make it difficult to keep up with your competitors. Your law firm could very well get lost in the shuffle and fail to bring in enough business each month.

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