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The Benefits of Video Production and Why a Library Is Critical

The Benefits of Video Production and Why a Library Is Critical

Did you know that 84 percent of consumers agree that watching promotional videos has convinced them to purchase a product or service before?

It’s easy for many marketers to agree that video production is a great marketing tactic, but what does that look like in practice?

Read on to learn about seven of the best benefits that come with video production and making use of your video library.

1. Establish Brand Recognition

Video content has always been a great way to make your brand known. In fact, this study found that 90 percent of people discover new brands or products while browsing YouTube. Of those people, 70 percent said they made a purchase based on what they found.

With so many people spending a large amount of their time watching videos, you stand to gain a lot of leads with this marketing tactic alone.

2. Builds Trust

When consumers get to know your brand, you’re establishing trust with them. With so many scams, customers are skeptical of a lot of brands, but creating content allows them to get to know you and it builds trust.

Whether it’s sharing educational content, customer testimonials, or simply sharing your story, when you can place authenticity into the videos you create, you’re going to notice a large difference in the audience you attract.

3. Educate Your Audience

If customers are unaware of your business’s products or services and how they can use them, they’re not going to be interested. Video production is a great way to teach customers about everything your business has to offer.

Video is a dense medium, meaning it’s a lot easier to pack information in a shorter time span. You can transmit different messages through visuals, music, captions, sounds, and even animation. It’s a lot more cost-efficient than other forms of content creation, and it’s easier to keep your audience’s attention than it is with a blog post.

4. High Engagement

Of 2022’s top 10 platforms, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat take up four spots — four platforms with short and long-form video features. So, while Facebook has the largest number of users, it’s clear to see that video content is the most widely viewed.

Even if you only make use of one of those platforms, you’re likely going to notice a difference in your engagement. It’s a form of media that users are familiar with, meaning they’re going to feel a lot more comfortable than they might on other platforms.

If you leverage this familiarity properly, you can use it to achieve your business goals.

5. Viral Branding

All it takes is one funny video to make a user want to share it. With any luck, your videos have the potential to reach tens of thousands of people, making it a great opportunity to spread your branding.

With video, consistency is key. It’s essential to keep your branding consistent across each form of content you create, otherwise, users are going to turn away from your product or services.

When you keep things consistent, it’s a lot easier for viewers to see your thumbnail and immediately recognize it. That sense of familiarity makes them want to turn on your videos, and they’ll continue coming back for more.

Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Plan

Maybe you’re already sold on all the benefits that video production can bring to your business, but how can you get started with it? Rather than building an entirely new campaign, it’s a lot more effective to integrate it into your marketing campaign.

No matter what kind of content plan you’re creating, it’s important to think ahead. Whether it’s a blog, video, or some other social post, pre-planning topics and scripts is going to help ensure your campaign achieves its goals.

Start Small

It can be exciting to start creating videos, but it’s essential to take things slowly. A poor launch could ultimately put an end to your video content, starting small and growing your content is going to help things go smoothly.

A short video advertisement or testimonial video is a great way to do this. Introducing your product or service is a low-budget way to educate your audience about what you have to offer. It’s effective because you’re starting with something that suits a large number of people, and then you’re giving yourself space to grow from there.

Check Your Analytics

From the very beginning, you want to ensure your videos are hitting the right numbers. This is to help you understand the type of content that your audience enjoys and what might not be doing so well. Having this data on hand is essential for knowing the scope of your campaign’s success, and a video library is a great way to do that.

Make Use of Your Video Library

When you start creating videos, it’s important to keep up with your video library. If you start from the beginning of your content journey, you’ll be able to build a carefully-executed online collection of each marketing video you’ve ever created.

It’s an easy way to represent your brand, but you don’t have to make it all public. Your video library will house each important item you’ve created, but you can choose to use it as a reference rather than for attention.

How to Use a Video Library

When a business marketer has access to a well-organized library, it makes their life a lot easier. By having easy access to well-organized content, it becomes easier to manage and create things online. Here are a few ways to make use of your video library:

  • Showcase a certain feature
  • Event marketing
  • Create a video publishing schedule
  • Target verticals
  • Product directions

Whether you post a “how-to” of your product or you make an entire campaign dedicated to showing customers how you can solve their problems, organizing your content will help you get further. Rather than searching for clips as you need them, they’ll be searchable and easy to interact with.

Key Benefits

There are a lot of other benefits you stand to gain from keeping your content easily accessible. Here are a few of the best.

1. Streamline Operations

Gone are the days of sending multiple files back and forth while preparing for campaigns. With a video library, you’ll be able to keep everything in one place, and it’ll be a lot easier for both you and your clients to access them.

No matter where your videos get posted or shared, your video library will be there, acting as a hub for all your content to live.

2. Make Use of Video SEO

Like written content, video can bring your website the organic search benefits that come with SEO. Unlike uploading a video to YouTube, having media in a video library gives your website direct access to the rewards that SEO can bring.

You’ll be able to embed media directly into your website, making increasing traffic easier than it’s ever been.

Remember to treat video SEO as you would treat written SEO, though. That means simple, witty titles, relevant descriptions, and completed metadata fields wherever you see them. These boxes can take some time to fill in, but they mean the difference between boosted content and missed search queries.

3. Accessible Analytics

As we said earlier, analytics are essential. Video libraries often offer in-depth analyses of your content, letting you know your demographic, how much they’re watching, and where they’re watching the most.

The more in-depth your data is, the more you’ll be able to create content that produces leads and allows your customers to get the most value from your business.

4. Keep Content Current

Once you’ve uploaded a video and shared it in multiple places, it’s difficult to make a change. With no video library, you’d be stuck moving and replacing the video in each location it lives. When you have a library on hand, though, it’s as easy as uploading a new file.

The new file will replace each of the old ones no matter where it is on the web. This is great for older content, as you’ll be able to update things to keep it relevant and timely.

Don’t Doubt Video Production

When it comes to powerful methods of educating your customers and building your brand, there’s no better way to do that than with video production. It’s a simple way to attract customers to your business, and keep them coming back for more. Whether it’s customer testimonials or an educational video series, leveraging this medium to your advantage is one of the best marketing tactics to carry into 2023.

Luckily, we’re here to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more.

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