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QR Code Marketing: The Use of QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

QR Code Marketing: The Use of QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

Did you know that in 2021, 75.8 million US smartphone users scanned a QR code? That’s 75.8 million people that connected with a brand through some type of QR code marketing.

Have you ever seen a QR Code on a piece of direct mail? Chances are you have, but you weren’t sure what it was or why it was there. Well, wonder no more!

We’re here to tell you all about the world of QR Code marketing and how it can help your business reach new customers. QR (or Quick Response) Codes have become increasingly popular in direct mail marketing and other media forms, as they offer businesses a way to provide additional information or take customers to a website.

In this blog post, we will explore the use of QR Codes in direct mail marketing, from how they work to best practices for incorporating them into your campaigns.

What Is QR Code Marketing?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphones and other devices with a camera. When QR codes are used in marketing, they can provide a way for customers to quickly and easily access information about a product or service.

QR code marketing can be used in a variety of ways, such as on business cards, flyers, or even on products themselves. When customers scan the QR code with their smartphone, they can be taken to a website to learn more about the product or service.

QR codes can also be used to track how effective a marketing campaign is. By tracking how many people scan the QR code, businesses can get an idea of how many people are interested in what they are offering.

Overall, QR code marketing is a quick and easy way to give customers more information about your product or service. It can also help you track the success of your marketing campaigns.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes in Marketing

Why should you use QR codes in your marketing? There are many benefits of using QR codes in marketing.

Track Data

QR codes allow you to track data like the number of scans, where they were scanned, and who scanned them. This can help you better understand your audience and create more effective campaigns.


QR codes are easily accessible to all smartphone users. This means anyone with a phone can quickly access your content without needing any additional software or hardware.

Targeted Content

By using QR codes, you can tailor content to specific customers or segments of your audience. This ensures that the content is relevant and engaging for those who see it.

Cost Effective

Using QR codes is much cheaper than traditional methods like print ads or television commercials. This makes it an ideal choice for small businesses and startups that are looking to save money on their marketing efforts.


QR codes provide a quick and easy way for customers to access information about products or services. This convenience makes it more likely that they will actually engage with the content, leading to increased sales and conversions.

Drive Traffic

QR codes are a great way to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts. By including a QR code in your marketing materials, you can encourage customers to take the next step and find out more about your brand.


QR codes are highly flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to link to a website, download an app, or provide detailed information about a product or service. This makes them ideal for campaigns that require more than just simple text or images.

The Drawbacks of Using QR Codes in Marketing

Although QR codes offer a quick and easy way for customers to learn more about your product or service, there are some drawbacks to using them in marketing. One of the biggest drawbacks is that not everyone has a smartphone with a QR code reader installed. This means that you could be missing out on potential customers if you’re relying on QR codes alone to market your business.

Another drawback is that QR codes can be easily misread. If a customer scans a QR code and it doesn’t take them to the correct website or landing page, they’re likely to give up and move on. This can happen for various reasons. However, recently we’ve seen in the news errors being due to an error with smartphones, for example, the issue Google’s Pixel was having recently.

Finally, QR codes can be distracting, especially if they’re placed in an area where people are trying to focus on something else (like reading an article or watching a video). If you’re going to use QR codes in your marketing, make sure they’re placed in an appropriate spot where they won’t disrupt the user experience.

How to Use QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to take your direct mail marketing to the next level, QR codes are a great option. By including a QR code on your mailers, you can give recipients the ability to quickly and easily access additional information about your product or service.

Here are some ways you can use QR codes in your direct mail campaign.

Leverage Digital Coupons

QR codes are a great way to offer digital coupons, discounts, and promotional offers. When a recipient scans your QR code with their smartphone camera, you can direct them to a website or landing page where they can easily redeem their coupon.

Deliver Video Content

Include a QR code that directs customers to watch a video about your product or service. Videos are an engaging way to communicate information, and they’re particularly effective when used in direct mail campaigns.

Provide Additional Details

If you want customers to know more detailed information about your product or service, include a QR code on your mailers that links directly to it. You can also provide helpful resources such as customer reviews and testimonials.

Create Seamless Connections

If you have an app or other online presence related to your business, you can create seamless connections between the physical world of direct mail and the digital world of apps by including a QR code on your mailers that links directly to it. This will allow recipients to quickly find and engage with other aspects of your business without having to search for them manually.

Increase Your ROI With Online Retargeting

Include a QR code on your mailers that links to an online website or landing page. From there, you can use retargeting tools such as cookies and pixels to track the activity of your customers and serve them targeted ads based on their interests. This will help you increase your ROI by ensuring that your ads are being served to people who are likely interested in your product or service.

Manage Dynamic Campaigns

QR codes can help you manage dynamic campaigns. You can create different versions of your direct mail campaign for different customers and include a unique QR code for each version. This will allow you to track the performance of each version and make adjustments as needed, helping you optimize your campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Make sure that you use a reliable QR code generator to ensure that your codes are properly formatted and easily scannable. With the right strategy, QR codes can be an effective addition to your direct mail campaigns.

Tips for Using QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

Including a QR code in your direct mail marketing campaign is a great way to encourage recipients to take action. Here are some tips for using QR codes in direct mail marketing:

Keep it Simple

Keep the QR code simple and easy to scan. Avoid using complex designs or patterns that could make it difficult to scan.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Make sure the QR code leads to a mobile-friendly destination. Recipients are more likely to scan a QR code if it leads to a page that is optimized for mobile devices.

Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action

Use an attention-grabbing call to action. Encourage recipients to scan the QR code by offering them something of value, such as a discount or exclusive content.

Test the Code First

Test the QR code before sending out your campaign. Scan the code yourself to ensure it leads to the intended destination and that the experience is positive.

Track the Stats

Track how many people scan the QR code. Include a unique identifier in the URL so you can track how many people are taking action as a result of your direct mail campaign

Make QR Code Marketing in Direct Mail Simple With the Right Strategy

QR code marketing is one of the most popular and powerful trends in direct mail marketing today. By leveraging QR Codes, marketers can enhance their mailing campaigns with interesting visuals that grab the attention of potential customers while also providing a convenient way to access additional information or promotions.

Are you ready to include QR codes in your direct mail marketing? Let’s make things happen. Contact us today to start your direct mail marketing campaign.

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