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The Importance of a Compelling Brand Story for Your Business

brand storyAlmost 50% of customers feel they are more likely to spend money on brand names they trust. This makes it worth your time to create a personable and trustworthy image on which to base your business, starting with its brand story. Although, why is your brand story so important, and how do you put one together?

Below, we answer both of these questions and provide you with an impetus to boost your own brand’s image. As you read through, take the time to see if you can apply any of this advice to your marketing push.

What Does it Mean to Build a Brand Story?

This is the process by which you pen a narrative about how your company reached its current position. The intent of it is to create an identity for the organization you are, one that communicates its values, ambitions, and unique selling point.

When writing it, the story should allow those reading it to feel invested in the company’s journey. This allows them to feel as though their engagement with the brand is worthwhile.

The brand story is also not static. Should your company undergo drastic changes, you can always change the narrative or add to it. This can show the way you respond to unique situations in a way that fits the company’s ethos.

Become More Trustworthy

When you have built up your company image through a story, you can start to push the narrative of a company with a real purpose. With this comes the possibility to bring customers in who see you as a credible and trustworthy organization. This goes double if they see you as agreeing with and fighting for their own values.

As you work in a way that aligns with the personality you communicate, people will approve of the consistent approach you take to issues. They will then trust you to act the same in the future, so they will start to return to you while you portray that sense of familiarity.

Communicate Your Direction

Customers do not only want to know where you are. They will also want to understand where you see your organization going in the future. If they believe you are heading in a direction they approve of, they will feel like they want to help you get there, especially if it also benefits them.

This can not only bring customers to you, but also influencers, investors, and potential employees. People will want to work alongside others who have a real sense they are making a good difference in the world. Both customer and employee satisfaction will increase, and both will feed off that positivity from one another.

Create a Connection

By creating a brand story, you anthropomorphize your own company. This can allow customers to start to feel a real personal connection to your company and invest their emotions in its success.

This way, when you have bumps in the road, you may find your customers will come to your aid. They will even stick by you if times are hard for them.

Some ways you can encourage this further are by:

Making jokes. In a difficult situation, humor can add levity and help customers realize your company contains humans. They will often take your side in any issue that crops up.

Engage the early adopters. By encouraging older customers to recall some of your earlier struggles, you can bring them on board with supporting you in the future. This creates a sense of camaraderie between you and them.

Inspiring people. If you use your own story as an example, you might boost others’ belief in themselves. This can help even more if you are a small company in a local community.

Create Social Media Marketing Opportunities

A good brand story is like a solid base upon which you can erect any marketing message. As you continue to communicate with customers, you can refer to it to reinforce why you are making specific decisions.

As you do this, you can also look for customers who have felt a positive impact from your sales or service. Working with them, you can expand your brand story in real time, pushing the idea you are creating a true good in the world.

Gain More Brand Recognition

When you tell your story, you create more of an impact on a person’s memory. They will associate facts and events related to that story with you. Then, when they see things that remind you of the story, they will recall your brand.

You can double down on this by crafting a logo or slogan for your company to resonate with this story.  This then turns your brand story into even more of an all-encompassing brand identity.

Retain Customers Easier

As customers talk to one another about your brand and its story, they will feel a sense of camaraderie with one another. Over time, this can turn into a larger community of people who stand by you.

With a good story, you can also create a deep sense of positivity about your whole brand. This will not only bring people to you but encourage them to remain loyal, especially in the face of competing brands.

Due to the nature of social media, this can turn into things like fan pages and discussion threads. Here, people will talk of you in positive terms, evangelizing your services or products.

Improve Your Brand Story

With the above tips, you should be able to build a brand story to stand the test of time. If you are still unsure of how to start the process of company branding, though, you might need someone to help you. Lucky for you, we are experts in company marketing and can help you out with such things.

Our people are ready to talk to you about branding and craft you a story that will help people understand who you are. So, get in contact today and we can start taking your first steps toward a better business marketing strategy.

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