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Will Video Take Over Display This Year?

80% of consumersvideo ads can remember a video ad that they’ve seen in the past 30 days. Creating and running video ads can be well worth it.

Although display advertising has been around for quite a while now, video advertising is on the rise. Video is becoming increasingly popular online and more businesses are recognizing how valuable it can be for promoting goods and services.

So what are the benefits of video ads and will they take over display this year? Here’s what you should know.

Video Is More Engaging

A major advantage of video compared to other types of content is that it is highly engaging.

Video marketing content and video ads do a great job of grabbing the attention of internet users and can also keep them interested for a significant period of time. The movement and sound in a video can do a great job of holding the attention of someone when compared to a simple text ad.

The more people pay attention to your ad and the more that they stay engaged and focused on your brand, the more likely they’ll be to become customers.

Video Ads Are Shareable

A huge advantage of video content is that it’s more shareable than other types of content. Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined.

Video ads can be very entertaining and interesting, and many people who view your ad will want to share it with their friends and family. This means that when you run a video ad, your money will go further than you may expect.

By starting with some paid advertising reach, you can boost the performance of your content. Your video content can then gain more organic reach as more people share it and as it gets more visibility across the web.

Click-Through Rates Are Better

The click-through rate (CTR) for video ads is also much higher than for display ads. Video ads are clicked on about 7.5 times more often than display ads.

This means that if you’re running a video ad, it will more efficiently get results when compared to display ads. You’ll be able to get a lot of new interest in your products and services with a video ad, and this will ensure that you get a high number of clicks.

While you’ll still need to do a great job of creating landing pages and making sure that your website is attractive, video ads will do a spectacular job of driving more visitors to your site in the first place.

Where Can You Run Video Ads?

It’s important to realize that there’s more than one place where you can show video ads online.

Video has expanded far beyond the reach of YouTube ads these days. It plays a key role in many other websites and social media platforms these days and many of them have ad platforms that allow you to run video ads.

Here are some platforms where you might want to run video ads:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Long-form video content has been popular for quite a while now. However, short-form video content on TikTok and Instagram Reels is becoming very popular as well.

Short videos can be even more shareable, so you should experiment with various content lengths to figure out what works best for your audience.

Limitations of Video Ads

Although video ads can be a great tool to use in your marketing strategy, they do have some drawbacks.

The main issue with video ads is that it can be more time-consuming and expensive to create quality video ads when compared to display ads. Creating display ads will simply rely on writing some great copy, but video ads will require you to do some serious content creation.

You’ll need to put effort into generating ideas for video content and will need to spend time and effort on video production. You may need professional video equipment, editors, and music to create effective video ads and marketing videos. Video ads can be more expensive to run as well.

Another drawback to video ads is that while many people will watch all of a video, others won’t make it all the way through. Video ads need to be incredibly engaging to work well and should capture the attention of your audience immediately.

Since many people have short attention spans these days, this is easier said than done.

Video Ads vs. Display Ads

When building your paid advertising strategy for 2023, it’s important to think carefully about whether you’ll run video ads or display ads. The truth is that both types of ads have their pros and cons, and each can work well as part of your overall strategy.

Video ads can be useful if you want to create a strong connection with customers and want to capture their attention in a big way. It’s great for storytelling and for evoking emotions and can be useful for demonstrating how a product works.

As mentioned above, video ads also have high engagement, high click-through rates, and are more shareable.

On the other hand, display ads have their advantages as well. For one thing, there are more places across the web where text ads can be displayed when compared to video ads.

In addition to this, display ads can be beneficial because they don’t take as much capital or resources to make. You can launch them with very little setup time. Unlike with video ads, you won’t need to do any production and will simply need to write some copy.

Display ads can also be more affordable and efficient when compared to video ads. Despite the advantages of video ads, this makes display ads a good choice to continue using as time goes on.

Will Video Ads Take Over in 2023?

These days, many businesses are learning about the benefits of video ads compared to other types of advertising. It’s expected that more businesses will get in on the trend in 2023 and video ads will become even more popular this year.

On the other hand, display advertising continues to have a place in a business marketing strategy as well. Businesses will still run plenty of display ads for the time being.

Video can be a great choice if you have the resources and want to engage customers and create an emotional investment. On the other hand, display ads can be a great choice if you want to prioritize time efficiency and affordability when advertising.

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